Hello everybody,

This is Agnieszka and Wlodek Bilinscy.
We bought a 25 years old Trismus 37 - Safran in the end of 2006 and between April and September 2007 we sailed to Poland.

The boat stays in Gdansk now.

We would like to show You some pictures of our "Safran voyages" . These photos are in a little mess but we tried to write something about all of them so You will know where You are. At the begenning You will find our last cruise. In the end - the first one.
Have a nice time sailing virtually with us!

If You have any questions about Safran or sailing on the Baltic Sea - write - foto@babel.pl

Agnieszka and Wlodek Bilinscy


2009 Baltic Sea

2008 from Poland to Stockholm Archipelago

2007 from France to Poland
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