This summer we spent 2.5 months on the Baltic Sea. First we sailed from Gdansk to a little island Utklippan not far from Karlskrona in Sweden. Then we passed Kalmarsund between island Oland and the mainland.
After that we entered Swedish Archipelagos which we left near Arholma heading to Aland Archipelago.
We spent two weeks here and moved to the skerries near Turku in Finland. Beautiful area. From Uto island we sailed to big Estonian island Hiuma. We visited several marinas on Hiuma and Sarema, and moved to the Gulf of Riga.
We were on two small Estonian islands – Kihnu and Ruhnu, nice town Parnu and really amazing, Latvian Riga.
Then some harbours in Latvia: Mersrags, Roja, Pavilosta, Ventspils and Liepaja.
Next harbour was Klaipeda in Lithuania. From here we sailed to the Kuronian Lagoon and we entered the Nemunas Delta.
It is a really strange feeling when You sail on an ocean going yacht on the river and marsh canals.
Then Klaipeda again and from there directly to Gdansk.
Scandinavian countries were picturesque as always, but Baltic States are also exotic, in a different way. In many places we could communicate only speaking Russian. People are very friendly, and contrary to Scandinavians, they like to make conversations with strangers, ask many questions and almost everywhere offer the skipper some vodka or other alcohol. A part of the eastern way of life. You can see where we were at this web page page

During our cruise we lost our little dagger board so we had to reduce sails earlier than usual and it was not so easy to steer. Our fault – we did not check the old chain which was used to pull the plate up and it broke somewhere in Sweden. A new board is almost ready now but we will not sail at all next season anyway.
We’ve got a huge osmosis problem. All 20 layers of old paint is removed now and Safran is drying.
Unfortunately we cannot afford keeping her in a hangar all the winter so she will dry for a very long time.
Right after summer 2010 we will finally drag her to the hangar for two weeks, maybe one month and give Safran a proper antiosmosis treatment. It’s a pity but we can do nothing about it.
If You would like to ask us any questions about sailing on the Baltic Sea just write. foto@babel.pl






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