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Safran  2007 à  Agnieszka and Wlodek     ex Madéo


In 2007 we bought and brought to Poland a Trismus 37 called SAFRAN, ex MADEO, ex LIBROU.
This is probably the best known Trismus 37 in the world because of a very good web site.

Anyway we came to France (Bretagne) in the end of April, spent 2 weeks painting, reparing and preparing for the voyge and left for a slow trip to the Baltic sea.

After 3 and 1/2 months we finally reached Gdansk. We visited 56 harbours in France, Channel Islands, Belgium.... passed over 200 locks and bridges in Holland, dried on a sand and moored in mud harbours in Dutch  and German Frisian Islands, entered Helgoland, motored through Eider Kanal and Kiel Kanal across Jutland Peninsula and entered several Baltic harbours in Germany, Denmark and Poland.

We got stucked on a shallow water once, but we managed to get free without help, we damaged a stenchion (335 Euro payed by insurance) on a German yacht while entering a box in a crowded marina in a strong wind from the side.(Safran is really difficult in turning in marinas!!!) But she is very good on the sea!!!!!

The genoa was broken and we had to sew 2.5 metres by our hands, because there was not a sailmaker in two harbours we visited.

We are in love in Safran. We felt comfortable and safe. The boat is fast enough big enough and the engine is strong enough. And she is interesting.
People were asking about this construction in many harbours :-)

Now we ordered making a steel strong support for winter storage, a sprayhood, and a new genoa.

Next seasons we will spend on the Baltic Sea.and then Norway or Scotland. We will see what future brings

We did not change the name, so the yacht is still called Safran.

Agnieszka and Wlodek 


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