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Teacher's pet  III   1969   à Gene

Teacher's pet III      Embroden 32 construit au chantier Nord Embroden en Californie. 
Tirez une ligne droite entre l'étrave et le tableau arrière et vous avez un Trismus... 
Citations de Eugene Koblick : 
Our boat Teacher's Pet III was the prototype design for over 355 mass produced boats and numerous design mods. 
As for TP III they do not come any better in 32'. Her big brother, Cannibal has done 3 circumnavigations, TP III, one. 
That says it all. I have not yet really put TP III on the market but will this summer.

Gene Koblick, Bradenton, Fl. Apr. 30 2003 
Our present boat, Teacher's Pet III was one of the first balsa cored boats, we had to import the logs and have a mill cut the strips for the hull, not like the squares. 
She was built in the 1968-69 period.  
The resin was very good then. She has never had a leak and when surveyed the surveyor said she was in better condition then any boat of the same period he had surveyed. Balsa Core is O.K., maybe even good, our boagt does not sweat, is dry, cool in the heat and easy to heat when its cold. I get tired of hearing "experts". except for Jeff H shooting their mouths off.

Gene Koblick Feb. 05 2003 
Description de Teacher's Pet dans la revue "Owner's Review" for 1970 Embroden 32 
Teacher's Pet III was designed by N.A. Morgan Embroden as a long distance ocean cruiser for a husband and wife and two small children.  
She was built by The famous LandSailing Champion Nord Embroden and .A. Dervis, Present vice chairman of SSCA. Under CA's command she did a circumnavigation in 19 mo. Raced a Transpac,L.B to Cabo and many more. 
I have had her for a number of years and she is fully found with everything you could want or dream of for an Ideal cruising boat.  
Call or write for compete details, too numerous to list.  
Age and Health necessitate I sell her very reluctanty. If you are ready to go and want to fill up the 130gal water tank, 110 gal diesel fuel tank, put your groceries aboard, fill the refrig. and go! Then she is what your looking for!! All systems work, she is energy self sufficient with out turning on the engine and with the refrig,Gps,Fish finder,SSB/Ham and Vhf and Radar on standby. Got that!!

Eugene Koblick 
Lisez bien ce document !!! 
Keel Shapes! 
I am not going to approach this from strictly a technical viewpoint.

Suffice to say I did the comparative task testing for Intreepid, 2 versions, and Courageous.  

On the weekends we took the models off the force balance and with my mentor, Dr. Al Acosta formerly the head of Fluid Dynamics and Chair Holder at Cal Tech.We worked on a new keel shape by N.A. Morgan Embroden.  

He used a modified NACA foil shape that was very low and squat to keep the draft to a minimum. We worked at developing this shape to minimize the Von Karman effect of the edeges and to develope all the lift we could from the shape its self.  
We ended up with a kell for a 32 foot boat with a 28" wide keel tapered from forward to aft and almost flat across the bottom, the keel developed lift on its own above 9.5 knots.

A boat was built around this keel design and at 32' loa and beam of 10'8" with draft of 3'4". 
It was the first small boat ever allowed in a Transpacific y.c. race. For the first 1800 miles of the race it was the first boat in the fleet of down wind flyers. Going down the channel, she was clocked at 16 knots and throwing a roster tail of 30'.  

The American's never caught on to the design, but over 355 in aluminum,fiberglass balsacore,etc. were built in europe.  
Dr. Acosta was so impresswed that he had one built for his own use.
I own the prototype, Teacher's Pet III. U can verify my information by going back to the LA Times for the 1971 TransPac. 
The reason the design never caught on was simple, my roomate of the period, one Bill,Lee designed his first ultra light and set the sailing community agog with the results of his SC series of boats including Merlin. 
For an actual fast cruising boat the Teacher's Pet III series were much better boats.

Eugene Koblick Sep 2004