Annalena page

callsign: PD9924

crew: Rommy Snoek & Gerard Hoendervanger

Vertrek : Oud Delfshaven (Westzeedijk 925), vrijdag 13 juli 2012, 12 uur

Geplande route :
juli Rotterdam Brest aug La Coruna Lisbon
sept Gibraltar Tanger Casablanca,
okt Canarisch Cape Verde
dec Fr Guyana Suriname
jan Trinidad St Maarten
febr Virgin Islands Turks
mrt Bahamas
apr Cuba
mei Bermuda
juni Azoren
juli Fallmouth Rotterdam

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On Friday the 13th of july we will leave for our Atlantic tour from the historical harbour of Delfshaven (Rotterdam).
We have been a guest of the club Oud Delfshaven for two month and there we did the final improvements: the electrical system is completely overhauled, a new kitchen, new matrasses, a satellite telephone, backstays and rodkicker.
Here some pictures of Delfshaven.
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